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Sparkle Theatre rehearses in St Peter’s Church, Galley Common CV10 9NG from 7.30-9.30pm every Tuesday during term time, and Sparkle Theatre Choir rehearses every Thursday in the same venue from 7.30-9pm.

Sessions are £5 per rehearsal for Sparkle Theatre and £3 per session for the Sparkle Theatre Choir .  This includes all rehearsal materials, costume, membership and additional materials.

Payment will be required at the beginning of each term.  There is the option to pay half termly (please see the Sparkle Theatre Contract).  The first rehearsal is FREE. It is possible to enrol part way through a term, and payment will be calculated accordingly.

All participants must complete a  Sparkle Theatre Contract.  All members will be expected to wear Sparkle Theatre uniform (additional hoodies/zoodies & bags are optional).  All members should bring a drink to rehearsal with them.

Katherine Brookes, and all visiting practitioners have been DBS checked and are fully insured.